Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why Am I Turning to Blogging

Why Am I Turning to Blogging?

First and foremost, I have come to recognized my potential in terms of the job work place. This thought I'm about to share has been turning over and over in my mind for quite some time. Here is what it is,whenever you work for someone, you can only use 25% to 30% of your ability or potential based on the fact that you always have to take instructions and carry it out regardless of what it is. Even if you see the need where you could apply 80% of your ability, you have to curtail it and obey instruction.

On this premise, I realized that I am I could accomplished much more if I am on my own and have to make decisions to accomplished a task. I could be more productive. These are just a few of the motivating, dynamic and driving forces propelling me to launch out on my own in order to realize my full potential. I have built the confidence and taken control of teaching myself to be a leader, as a result I have embarked on this venture of blogging.

Can You Make a living online with your Blog?

One of the main factors that has been causing frustration over the years of people who are trying to generate online income is reading testimonials of other people who are successful and truly making substantial income online but they themselves who are reading these testimonials cannot generate the income they need after reading these success stories and testimonials.

Can you make money with your blog? The answer is absolutely yes. "Darren Rowse" at: ( and Steve Pavlina at: ( are great examples of successful blogger.

My advice to you is, do not give up, why? because there are lots of legitimate, proven, and honest online automated home based businesses income generating opportunities that can generate substantial income without any investment or you having to reinvent the wheel.

My earning has been steadily increasing. Earning online requires that you exercise patience and be consistence.Start a Home BusinessImplementing these factors will certainly enable you to generate substantial income over a period of time if you are looking for long term consistent income.Work From Home BusinessIf you are just in quest of making money overnight, then my advice is to focus your attention in some other areas that makes provision for that.Earn MoneyOnce you have established your online presence by attracting a good volume of readership, in addition to driving lots of traffic to your blog, the half of you work is almost over. A good example of people who have been earning substantial income online over a period of time based on their consistenct, hard work and consistence can be found at Eight Blogs Making Millions of Dollars

Earning Money at Home

However, it is not the end for those people who are giving up hope because the have little or no technical knowledge or skills. These automated programs are designed to generate income 24/7 without having any knowledge at all.

Monetize Your Blog and automate Your Income

Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser
Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

Internet home based business opportunities are growing daily at a phenominal rate allowing people around the world to general substantial income working from the comfort of the homes.

There are still hundreds of legitimate, honest, lucrative home based business opportunities with a solid track records for many years and continued to do so. Some required minimum investment, and some do not require any investment.

Your Share In Multiple Streams Of Income

I have listed some of the programs below which I am using and there steadily generating consistently. Foe example, Kontera is a very good program. Once it is installed on your website or blog, all you have to do is promote by driving traffic to your website/blog.

Keep in mind, that traffic is the life line of all websites and blogs to increase your readership. Your website must be attractive so that your readers keep coming back. Always refresh your blog with current quality content.

Google adsense is certainly a great source of income and at zero cost, absolutely free. I am not stating that you will start earning big bucks overnight,but you will certainly earn while you remain committed and consistent in promoting your blog or website.

Generating substantial online income requires that you share in different programs. It's important that you spread your eggs in different baskets instead of putting them in just one basket. This makes it possible to generate income from multiple sources.

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Money making Hubpage Links

Another great source of income generating program is Hubpages which attract a wide audience and as a result bring traffic to your articles. If you have a Google adsense account, Hubpages allow you to integrate your adsense code code into your hubpages which intern generate income. This is a great way to generate money as a result of your pages being monetized at absolutely no cost to you. Free!