Monday, January 24, 2011

Activate The Power Of The Blogger's Mindset to Stay Focused and Create Quality Content For Your Blog

Establish a Positive Frame of Mind to Excel

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Starting a blog with the intention to generate either money, or to attract a wide audience of social net workers, requires quality content that provides value to fill the desired need, and as a result will get people's attention. In essence content that are of interest, and provides some useful information and satisfaction that will affect and cause them to bookmark your blog or website. Your subscribers and visitors will always re-visit your blog with an expectation to glean new information.

I cannot adequately or over emphasize the fact that consistency is the key factor in developing a successful blog. Therefore, it is "imperative and of paramount importance" to develop a good writing skill to achieve this outcome. However, a lot of people abandon their passion based on the fact that they cannot write effectively to impact their readers.

A great program to add to your collection that will enhance your personal development is the "Jim Rohn ONE-YEAR SUCCESS PLAN - Reach Your 2011 Goals. I found it to be very effective and highly recommend it.

However, you do not have to quit or give up your dreams or passion, because there are ways and means to overcome this obstacle which I will hasten to further expand on in this article.

Basically, I discovered that good writing skill are most times not innate or natural, as a result, you can use the "power of personal development" to achieve and develop your personal, effective, writing skill.

My Personal Confession and Testimonial

I must admit and can testify that I was not a great writer, but the facts are, I recognized it, and did something about it. Here is what I did, I went on a search journey to find me a "Personal Development Program" that could enhance my writing skills by listening to Highly Successful People who already invented the wheels and set the pace with their experience.

I learned from them and gradually immerse and permeate myself into their programs. I highly adore and honor these Motivating mentors who have invested a piece of themselves into my character and mindset. One of my favorites who had been a great source of inspiration to me is Mr. Jim Rohn, a man considered to be America's foremost business philosopher who I mentioned in my article below.

Personal development is vital to your Success (Self-Investment)

Set aside the time to develop yourself so that you will be able to supply the content and information people are searching for and then be ready to provide and supply it. If you search you must find. One old writer states that "finding is reserved for the searchers

Let me iterate by stating that the mind is the most powerful organ or mechanism of the whole human makeup and design, because the entire human being is driven by the dynamics of the mind which is the driving force that compels you to move and get things done. It is the engine that you start and set in motion to get the job or task done.

How I Accomplish tasks by Getting Things Done!

First I brought myself to that point or place of recognition, in other words, a place where I acknowledge the facts and present situation that affects me either adversely, or favorably in order to make changes, and take corrective measure to implement them.

Recognition of Living in Denial and then Abandon It

One of the most detrimental factors that can retard your progress from getting things done and moving forward is denial. It is your greatest enemy and only you can dispel it based on the fact that it affects you directly.

If you continue to do the same thing over-and-over you will continue to get the same result. The point is, people do not resist change, people just do not want to change. It is called the vicious cycle. Here is my recommendation, "for things-to-change, you have to change, "for things-to-get better, you have to get better.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Personal Development is Crucial and Synonymous to Blogger's Success

Normally I would feature this product in the "product section" of my blog but because of the quality and satisfaction (marginal utility) it has provided to the market place I have decided to feature it here even though it can be found under the product section of my blog as usual.

I have been using this "Personal Development" program for almost 5 years and still excited about it. I was always so skeptical about purchasing certain programs especially programs that could impact my life favorably or adversely based on the fact that it affects me directly as a result of its content, simple put what it has to offer me in terms of learning.

However, after carefully analyzing and exploring the products, by conducting a research on the author, such as his background, credibility, and success, I was convinced that it was the right program for me.

Most people like myself create a vision to aspire and to be successful with an aim to excel to unknown heights. Even though I am self motivated and very pragmatic, I have come to realize that there is a wealth of information out their that could assist and propel me to accomplish my goals in terms of personal development. The Jim Rohn Personal development program has proven to be very effective in the area of Personal Development.
Jim Rohn ONE-YEAR SUCCESS PLAN - Reach Your 2011 Goals.

So I purchased this program with the intention and focus to develop myself to better able to equip and understand how to approach certain process and activities. The Mind is the most powerful, if I may say organ of the entire human being, and that's the reason I am embracing the concept of the "Blogger's Mindset" from a shared vision and transformational perspective.

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Development of the mindset is not automatic, you have to make a concerted and conscious effort to train the Mind which is the dynamic and driving force in order to be successful as a blogger. Therefore consistency is one of the keys to your goals.

I have greatly been benefiting from this program over the years (Basically it has become my Head quarters and Corner-Stone) because it has helped me to broaden my concept, enhance my self-confidence, and also my Personal Development in general. At this juncture I feel full filled in terms of satisfaction it brought me.

My personal opinion and experience is that Jim Rohn has positioned himself as a "Transformational Leader with a "Shared Vision" who shared his vision with his followers who embraced his vision and as a result, both "The Leader and Followers are elevated to a "Higher level."

I can attest to the fact that since I have been listening to Jim Rohn's CD's, It had greatly impacted me in the most profound and favorable manner, guiding me to success. Listening to Jim Rohn will certainly affect your "Mindset" that will propel you to change somethings around that will enhance your personal development.

I can testify that it is very if not almost impossible to resist listening to such vita, nutritional ingredients for the mind.

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Who is Jim Rohn?

Jim Rohn the man many considered to be America.s foremost business philosopher, has been sharing his success philosophies and principles for almost 40 years with more than 6000 audiences, and over 4 million people world wide.

Jim is the recipient of the Covenant "CPAE" award from the National Speakers Association for excellence in speaking, and is the author of 25 books, audio, and video programs.

Jim Rohn is been hailed over the years as one of the most influential thinkers of our time, and has helped to motivate and trained an entire generation of "Personal Development Trainers, as well as hundreds of executives from America's top Corporations.

Jim Rohn has been described as everything from a:
"Master Motivator" by Mark Victor Hansen
"A National Treasure" by Vic Cohen
"One of the most Profound Thinkers and mind expanding individuals of our time" by Les Brown
"One of the most Articulate Power thought provoking Speakers ever seen" by Harvey Mackay, and
"An extra-Ordinary Human Being and mentor" By Anthony Robbins.

I personally admire and adore Jim Rohn for his sincere, no-nonsense approach he presents in his program. Jim Rohn in his books entitled, The Five major Pieces to The Life Puzzle, penned the following words.

"It is the inherent nature of success to be both puzzling and elusive, and to with hold its rewards from all but a handful of those who pursue it.

It is an intricate design of nature that "success" is a condition that must be attracted and not pursued. We achieve rewards and we make progress not by our intense pursuits, but by what we become, for it is what we are that finally determines the results we attract.

"To have more we must first become more" is the very essence of the philosophy of personal Development, success and happiness address by Jim Rohn.

It is our personal philosophy that establishes our individual attitude. It is our attitude that determines both the quantity and the quality of our level of activity. That activity produces a final and proportionate result, and the result provides the Lifestyle that we live.

The results and the lifestyle are the effects - the conditions we inherit - but it is our personal philosophy, attitude and activity which are the ultimate cause of the effect.

To change the effect, we must alter the cause, and yet most people curse the the effect but continue to nourish the cause.

Jim Rohn brings ideas and insights in his inimitable style that provide a unique voice of hope, inspiration and answers for those in search of a better life."

He is the author of the "Personal Development Program," Jim Rohn ONE-YEAR SUCCESS PLAN - Reach your 2011 Goals. A remarkable approach to generating personal success and happiness.

Jim Rohn ONE-YEAR SUCCESS PLAN - Reach your 2011 Goals

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According to Jim Rohn "Change Begins with Choice"

He states that "Any day we wish, we can discipline ourselves to change it all. Any day we wish, we can open the book that will open our mind to new knowledge. Any day we wish, we can start a new activity. Any day we wish, we can start the process of life change. We can do it immediately, or next week, or next month, or next year."

He also states that, "We can also do nothing. We can pretend rather than perform. And if the idea of having to change ourselves makes us uncomfortable, we can remain as we are."

My personal experience teaches me that for things to change you have to change.

If you believe and agree that "Personal Development" is Crucial and Synonymous to Blogger's Success, Please leave your feedback.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Dispel the distortation effect of the mind that prevents you from prioritizing, getting organize, and start your blogging journey.

A Major obstacle that prevents the blogger from getting started is that his mindset is mainly focused on making money in conjunction with the excitement and anxiety which become a critical factor in distorting the mind.

This state and frame of mind is not negative, it is just encumbered with the various factors that will be incorporated into the blogging process. This state of mind is the cross and juncture of the blogger's mind contemplating how and where to get started.

Getting started requires you to settle down, make a list of the activities you need to get done, sorting them out, and list them in priority of activity. Then place these activities into perspective. This stage is called the planning stage where you start to simplify things which allow you the ability to begin to articulate your ideas and insights (It is called first things first).

At this point, you will begin to see your thoughts and ideas starting to shape into reality, which will help to relieve the mindset of the fragmented activities in arrays.