Sunday, December 19, 2010

Create A Blogger's Mindset to Succeed

What's preventing you from creating quality content, is it because you are excited, and anxious to make money why you cannot write about your passion even though you have the experience and knowledge?

You must take control of your mind calm/settle down, put things into perspective and start prioritizing. You have the intention and the information, wanting to get the information out of your brain, but you are just too overwhelmed with a bunch of ideas and just cant seem to get started.

You cannot do it all in one day so therefore you have no alternative but to start organizing yourself, your ideas about your passion, and start writing.

A good place to start organizing and getting your thoughts and ideas together is by getting yourself this book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" that has helped thousands of people around the world written by "Stephen R. Covey."

You should approach it from this perspective, that you cannot get it done without you starting somewhere, and that is the only option you have. You must approaching the concept with the attitude by keeping in mind the concept that you want to be successful and not just to make money or to create quality content and placing it on a blog because soon you will run out of ideas.


Condition your mind and be ready for success. It means taking control of your mind with a purpose in mind. You should start invoking your assertiveness, with a level of consciousness.

The terminology "living in denial" seems offensive and as a result people try to dismiss the thought and concepts and try to ignore it. This is the very hazard that's blocking you from starting to present, arrange, organize, and placing your ideas on paper. You must confront and face the situation, accepting the facts that this is your road map to success.

I am inviting your comment on the topic as to whether or not a blogger should develop his/her mindset to maintain consistency, and in order to achieve success

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